This guy is a passionate photogrshp. 019apher. Many call him a snob. He is meticulous about getting the image correct, the first time, in the camera. He does not rely on photoshop or any other application to ensure a proper image. He just does it right. Steve is also a fantastic father of four, dad, husband, friend, amigo and neighbor, who spends a great deal of time behind the wheel of an overland rig, getting to places with his children, where he can share what is important to him.

As an avid surfer, mountain biker, skateboarder, mountaineer, and full time athlete, Steve has travelled the globe, always with cameras in hand, documenting his forays and travels, new and old friends alike.  Returning with not only great images, but tales as well, making for something to relish.

Always at the ready to go, and to make traveling fun, all while creating compelling images to share. That guy is Steve Harris.

Photo: Don Glentzer

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